Top 5 YouTube Channel and their Earnings

Top 5 YouTube Channel and their Earnings

In YouTube, you could upload or search for the most entertaining and informative videos about everything under the sun. You can upload a funny video of your child asking about existential questions after going to the dentist, share your pet’s funniest antics, unwrap Disney Toys, or do hilarious gaming commentaries and comedy sketches.  

Although anyone can make their own YouTube channel and upload videos, not everybody can get millions of views and subscribers right away. Believe it or not, some of the most popular YouTube stars that are listed below are now making millions of dollars from creating awesome videos. In this chapter, you will learn how YouTube sensations such as Pewdiepie, smosh, and DisneyCollectorBR, the mysterious lady that unwraps Disney toys, became YouTube millionaires and how you can be one too.

1. DisneyCollectorBR  

Videos Uploaded: 1,390
 Views: 5,603,477,959
 Subscribers: 3,966,365

 Estimated Yearly Earnings: $1.3M-$20.1M  
The identity of the woman behind the YouTube channel DisneyCollectorBR is still unknown. But, a lot of people are speculating that she is a 40-something lady from Brazil but is residing in Winter Park, Florida. Apparently, after hundreds and millions of views later, she emerged as the most mysterious and richest YouTuber.


Videos Uploaded: 2,264
 Views: 8,087,098,889
 Subscribers: 35,318,362

 Estimated Yearly Earnings: $578.5K-$9.3M  
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg a.k.a. pewdiepie is a 25-year old native of Sweden. As of Jan 2015, Pewdiepie still has the top spot as the channel with the most views, with a whopping 8B in total.  

He is definitely one of the first YouTube personalities who has gained millions by filming himself while playing video games.  
If you’d watch his videos, you would see that unlike ordinary gaming walkthrough videos, his contain a lot of profanity, hilarious comments, squeaky voices, as well as his signature “bro fist” hand gesture at the end.  

Pewdiepie joined YouTube back in 2010 and had around 700,000 subscribers. BY 2011, he decided to drop out of college because he found more joy in making videos more than anything else.

3. Smosh  

Videos Uploaded: 473  
Views: 4,157,713,373  
Subscribers: 19,971,524  
Estimated Yearly Earnings: $267.7K - $4.3M  

The legendary duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla has earned millions of dollars from making comedy sketches every week.  
Although a lot has assumed that the YouTube stars would have their own TV series after being a big hit on YouTube, the two still preferred to not leave the Internet and instead focus on building their channel.  
Since 2006, they have garnered a lot of recognition and awards for being one of the most successful comedy themed channel on YouTube.

4. JennaMarbles

Videos Uploaded: 239  
Views: 1,708,635,731  
Subscribers: 14,832,454  
Estimated Yearly Earnings: $71.4K - $1.1M  

With over 14 million subscribers, Jenna Mourey or more popularly known as Jenna Marbles made her channel and uploaded her very first video in 2010 just because she wanted to entertain people and be funny.  

Little did she know that five years later, she would be able to make a lot of people happy from her sarcasm, wit, and humor. Despite getting a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology and Counseling, she still did not know what she wanted to do with her life. 

When her videos started gaining a lot of attention, she decided to focus on making videos and vlogs. She often features her love for her dogs Mr. Marbles and Kermit as she talks about anything from “How Girls Fall Asleep” to “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking”.

5. TheFineBros  

Videos Uploaded: 771  
Views: 2,770,855,906  
Subscribers: 11,781,469  
Estimated Yearly Earnings: $317.5K - $5.1M  

The Fine Brothers, Benni and Rafi, actually started their careers as online producers and writers as early as 2004.  

They are best known for their videos featuring kids, teens, elders, and other YouTubers reacting to certain topics or issues such as politics and viral videos or trends.  

They actually won an Emmy Award for the category of Best Viral Video Series in 2012.
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