5 Things every YouTuber Must Know and Understand

 What You Need to know if You are a YouTuber

Alot of people have been hearing the word YouTube or have been visiting the site on daily basis, As for me I used to spend most of my time watching Videos on YouTube.

In my previous article I briefly explain how you can create a YouTube Channel and the benefit of being a Youtuber. We we discuss about top 5 multimillionaires that rely solely on YouTube.

In today's Article I will explain the Top 5 Items all YouTubers should have or get access to it.

Some people use to access most of the sites including Youtube with their phone so I will explain on both devices that is Computer and Mobile. So let dig in.

1. Camera 📷

A YouTube Content Creator aka Youtuber will choose camera as the first option, why because with camera you can shoot different types of videos. I used to shoot most of my videos with camera, as I told you already I will always give alternative to those using mobile phones.

You don't have to purchase a very expensive camera for your production rather you need a camera that will give you a nice and clear shots.

Most YouTubers use there phones to capture videos and edit it perfectly, later after making alot of money, they then go for high budget camera.

I will recommend Canon 7D as I have a very cool features for your videos. If you have a smartphone with quality camera and battery, you can also get the best you need. 

2. Editing System

For you to get the better and quality content you need you must have a working video Editing System in other to expect what exactly your video want to show. I use to edit my video with my Computer and Android, especially when you don't have good access to computer.

For those working with computer I will recommend Adobe Premiere Pro, you can go for any version but I'm using CC 2019 or later version. For you to run this software smoothly you need to have a system with high specifications. That is the drive, the RAM and the processor.

If you have a low specification computer I recommend using Camtassia Video Editing it also have a very cool features.

I also recommend Corel Video Studio and Wondershare Filmora, they are very simple to understand and has a very nice transition and free made template, just drag and drop them make some changes.

I will further explain the how you can edit your video.

If you are using mobile phone I will recommend Kine Master Video Editor available to most Android phones you can download it from play Store. It also have a cool features and easy to use.

3. Sound System

Sound plays a virtual rule in making your videos well professional, the viewers entertain watching videos with quality sound. 

If you want to use any background score you need to ensure that you have a legal right on that music else you can end up losing your channel or Monitization.

For smooth audio recording I will recommend using Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Sonar or Logic Pro for those using Mac computer,  this sound system are very easy to you, I will explain some in detail in my upcoming article. 

For those using Android I will recommend Recordr Android. Just click record and you recording will start.

4 Internet

The reason why I mentioned Internet is because is the Backbone of everything to do with YouTube, I suppose to be the number one, but before you come to internet you need to have those things ready.

YouTube provide offline service only if you download the offline version of a video using the YouTube Application available to All Smartphones, and the video take only 1 month to disappear.

5. YT Studio

YT Studio is an application available on almost all Android and IOS app Store. That gives you an insight on all Analytics of your YouTube channel.

It gives you the real-time update on watch hours, Earning, Views and lot more.

YT Studio or YouTube Studio allow you to make changes on your videos using your phone, the thumbnails, the title, description, tags, and visibility.

We we later on explain how you can properly tag your videos to reach the right audience.


For a person to make a standard YouTube Videos you need to fully understand and know how to use the following devices and Applications.
1. Camera either on your phone or a Video Camera
2. Microphone for recording audio 
3. Recording Software or application use for recording high quality audio
4. Computer or Mobile Phone
5. Video Editing Software for editing your video footage
6. Internet Connection for accessing the YouTube site and Applications, Uploading videos, checking analytics and much more.

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