Importance of Educating Children at Younger Age

Important of Educating Children at Younger Age

Hello everybody today we are going to discuss about a very important issue concerning Educating Children

In Nigeria we find ourselves in a situation where a lot of people want to go to school but they don't have the chance to do so not because they don't like it but because they find it very difficult to this sponsor themselves. Parents nowadays instead of to take their children to school they use that opportunity to let them on the street to either beg or sell something just to sponsor their self.
The children up to the gearing up to become adults Stevens up tomorrow the growth is parallel to the picture of our country and reflected through quality of the present education system. A school must stimulate Curiosity and the young impressionable mind and equips them with tools to be better human being
Since we are talking about The Importance of Being educating children, let's briefly discuss the mental aspect 

Mental Aspect
School in the form of fountain of knowledge children are exposed to it give a chance of them to acquire knowledge and various field of education such people, literature, history, mathematics politics and another numerous field especially the Field of information and technology with the major field That Rule the World.

Social Aspect
School is  the 1st Avenue of socializing for a child, up till then parents and immediate family member at the only people that child has human interaction with. With school children are exposed not only to new ideas but also to same as compatriot this this instance sociable practice such as empathy friendship participation assistance will turn out to be important in their adulthood

Physical Aspect
A child after conception goes through various physical development while on provide a restricted outlet in schools a child can generalize his energy into more sociable avenues. Studies have pointed out that while in familiar environments the child is equipped to deal with sudden burst of energy the Lions to be his or her best behaviour only when are exposed to same age individually plus familiarity little taking advantage of situations while in school the playing field is levelled also the presence of activities such as sports, corrupt help children write their boundless energy into something productive.
So when will look this out clearly and understandably I think there is no any reason to keep our children at home without taking them to school when a children's are educated the whole environment are also educated so take your child to school it can be the one changing the world next it can be the person who will promote your society and environment it might be the person who will lead the Nation one day
It's not the duty of your children to find what to feed themselves it is their duty to just obey you study well and be proud of you all the ways take them to school show them the right way and don't let them down always show them the the path the path of those who gone astray

Sometimes I feel ashamed when I'm outside and found out that a children that do not past 3 to 5 years out on the street selling something which is worth 1000 Naira, I even sometimes asked myself does this children actually knows what they are doing I don't mean mentally I mean do they know the value of what they are selling what they are earning? I'm very much sure they don't know that all they know is just get like 50 naira to go outside and buy some sweet or something that's the end of it.

 Children has nothing to think up other than sweet, but their parents are their at home sitting, resting maybe sleeping waiting for their children to just come with the outcome, some children even complained that their parent beat the hell out of them if they don't sell the product so since our children's are afraid to take that good back home they might go anywhere and do almost anything just to make sure that they get that 1000 naira for their parents.

They might go anywhere and do almost anything just to make sure that they get that money for their parents and you had the parents saying wow he sold out but that's not that the problem, the problem is their future, when you let your children to become someone by now and know their value and the value of their family,  I'm very much sure one day you all be proud of it and the whole community will also be proud of them.

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