Free Antivirus is another Virus

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Alot of people will be searching how they will be fully secured, hunting and testing different antivirus software. They are searching for the free antivirus software becayse of the following reasons: 
1. Lack of awareness on how the antivirus software work
2. Unable to buy or purchase the right antivirus
3. Team i don't pay for antivirus software
4. Don't know how to pay for the right antivirus
5. Payment integration issue.

Let's briefly explain each

1. Antivirus softwares are software that search and remove any potential file or accept that directly or indirectly attempt to spy, modify, send, or poison your computer files without your acknowledgement. So when you download or use free antivirus software they just push the virus backend and disallow some from taking actions.

When the virus stay long for at your system backend they will push the antivirus aside and execute. 

By then you need to either update or upgrade but the Antivirus will prefer to upgrade to premium plan, why because is only by upgrading you will get full support and monitoring.

When you fail to do either the virus definition will expire and all the step down viruses will raise and destroy your system.

2. When Searching for an antivirus software you need seriously review and understand how the software will solve your system problem.
Below are the list of Antivirus Software that where ranked best.

i. Avast Antivirus
ii. Avira Antivirus
iii. Kaspersky Antivirus
iv. Norton Antivirus
v. AVG Antivirus

Make sure you purchase thier plans for best services. I will post the rate of each and best plan for starter and how you can pay.

3. When you don't want to pay for antivirus then you'll end up welcoming new viruses even if you are updated, because as i told you earlier Free Antivirus don't remove and secure you 100% is just like you are opening a gate to new viruses.

4. We will soon post how you can purchase the Antivirus Bundle globally.

5. For some facing issue integrating payment system especially those in African Country where not all online transaction is authorised by our banks.
We will show you how to integrate the payment system even if you don't have a bank account.

Note: Never pay for antivirus Software to anybody account because all antivirus accept only integrated online payment.

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