12:27 am

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji, Kano.

Over 50 universities from across Nigeria are expected to storm Bayero University Kano, BUK  to compete for laurels in the prestigious Nigeria university Senior Staff Games, NUSSA 2020.

The director of Sports, BUK, Mallam Usman Salihu, who confirmed that the institution has been awarded the rights to host the 2020games, added that  the  hosting ivory tour has kick started preparations in earnest, while disclosing that about 50 institutions have indicated  their intention to partake in  the games.

He revealed that laurels would be won in 10 events, mainly football, basketball , amongst others, slated for the games.

According to him, requisite facilities are in place, although mandatory minor uplifting of the  facilities are in progress.

He disclosed that the sporting facilities at the campus new site were of standard, stating that the sports complex at BUK old campus has been given a facelift.

Enumerating the benefits that would accrue to the host institution from hosting of the games, Mallam Usman said adjudging the number of participants that would storm BUK for the games, the economy of the institutions and its environs would be major beneficiaries.

He further explained that the games would boost social interactions amidst senior staff working in the ivory towers across Nigeria.

Usman boasted that, BUK authorities have relentlessly continued to supports sporting activities through the provision of facilities and moral boosting measures, noting that NUSSA 2020 is not an exceptional case.

Tech: Secret Tips to Safe Guard your Laptop from Theft

11:31 pm
Safety tip to safeguard laptops from theft:

Ever lost a laptop due to theft in public places?
Here's a quick tip to safeguard your laptop from theft in public places:
Many people might have come across a mini- USB like slot in a laptop.
But for what this slot is actually used?
This slot called as the Kensington Security Slot is an anti-theft system that allows us to attach our laptop to any immovable object using certain hardware accessories such as the Kensington lock.
These locks have a cylindrical anchor attached to a long metal cable.This cylindrical anchor is connected to the slot using a number combination and the other end of the cable can be connected to any immovable object.
The thief will neither be able to cut the metal cable nor try to break the lock as it would damage the laptop and he wouldn't be able to resell it.
So, the next time while going to any public place, you can leave behind the laptop freely without the fear of losing it.

Source: Google
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Importance of Educating Children at Younger Age

10:47 pm

Important of Educating Children at Younger Age

Hello everybody today we are going to discuss about a very important issue concerning Educating Children

In Nigeria we find ourselves in a situation where a lot of people want to go to school but they don't have the chance to do so not because they don't like it but because they find it very difficult to this sponsor themselves. Parents nowadays instead of to take their children to school they use that opportunity to let them on the street to either beg or sell something just to sponsor their self.
The children up to the gearing up to become adults Stevens up tomorrow the growth is parallel to the picture of our country and reflected through quality of the present education system. A school must stimulate Curiosity and the young impressionable mind and equips them with tools to be better human being
Since we are talking about The Importance of Being educating children, let's briefly discuss the mental aspect 

Mental Aspect
School in the form of fountain of knowledge children are exposed to it give a chance of them to acquire knowledge and various field of education such people, literature, history, mathematics politics and another numerous field especially the Field of information and technology with the major field That Rule the World.

Social Aspect
School is  the 1st Avenue of socializing for a child, up till then parents and immediate family member at the only people that child has human interaction with. With school children are exposed not only to new ideas but also to same as compatriot this this instance sociable practice such as empathy friendship participation assistance will turn out to be important in their adulthood

Physical Aspect
A child after conception goes through various physical development while on provide a restricted outlet in schools a child can generalize his energy into more sociable avenues. Studies have pointed out that while in familiar environments the child is equipped to deal with sudden burst of energy the Lions to be his or her best behaviour only when are exposed to same age individually plus familiarity little taking advantage of situations while in school the playing field is levelled also the presence of activities such as sports, corrupt help children write their boundless energy into something productive.
So when will look this out clearly and understandably I think there is no any reason to keep our children at home without taking them to school when a children's are educated the whole environment are also educated so take your child to school it can be the one changing the world next it can be the person who will promote your society and environment it might be the person who will lead the Nation one day
It's not the duty of your children to find what to feed themselves it is their duty to just obey you study well and be proud of you all the ways take them to school show them the right way and don't let them down always show them the the path the path of those who gone astray

Sometimes I feel ashamed when I'm outside and found out that a children that do not past 3 to 5 years out on the street selling something which is worth 1000 Naira, I even sometimes asked myself does this children actually knows what they are doing I don't mean mentally I mean do they know the value of what they are selling what they are earning? I'm very much sure they don't know that all they know is just get like 50 naira to go outside and buy some sweet or something that's the end of it.

 Children has nothing to think up other than sweet, but their parents are their at home sitting, resting maybe sleeping waiting for their children to just come with the outcome, some children even complained that their parent beat the hell out of them if they don't sell the product so since our children's are afraid to take that good back home they might go anywhere and do almost anything just to make sure that they get that 1000 naira for their parents.

They might go anywhere and do almost anything just to make sure that they get that money for their parents and you had the parents saying wow he sold out but that's not that the problem, the problem is their future, when you let your children to become someone by now and know their value and the value of their family,  I'm very much sure one day you all be proud of it and the whole community will also be proud of them.

Credit: www.educationworld.in
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Top 5 Reason to Study Computer Science

4:12 pm

Top 5 Reasons to Study Computer Science

Source: Mashable.com

                Good Day, Today we are going to discuss some very important topics related to academic career and Education. A lot of people will be thinking why Computer Science, Some Expert across the globe mark this Century as the Century of Information and Technology.
                So Today we are going to sort out some advisable reasons why you Should study Computer Science, at College and University.

1. Everything We do is now part of Computer

As Association of Computer Machinery stated : "
Computing and computer technology are part of just about everything that touches our lives from the cars we drive, to the movies we watch, to the ways businesses and governments deal with us. Understanding different dimensions of computing is part of the necessary skill set for an educated person in the 21st century. Whether you want to be a scientist, develop the latest killer application, or just know what it really means when someone says 'the computer made a mistake', studying computing will provide you with valuable knowledge.
Nowadays, Everybody use computer because is almost mandatory, your mobile devices, The satellites, the radio station you listen, the Television Station you watch, the plane you travel all are computers and the computer is the backbone of every devices and task, meaning thousand of task would have been non-exist. 

2. Being Expert In Computer Solve Complex and Challenging Problem

When we look at the environments, the Weather Forecast, Huge algorithms, Data Statistics, the Artificial Intelligence are the best example on how computer solve complex problems, So if a single devices can solve a thousand people task in just in an eye blink why not Study Computer Science.

3. Limitless future opportunities

It’s the Computer Science major who will help transform what the Internet will be like in the next 20 years. Like the rest of infrastructure, the Internet will eventually seem to disappear by becoming ubiquitous. Developing the Internet of Things will require specialized skills and computing expertise. So many everyday items, appliances, and vehicles are now online that their numbers far exceed the Earth’s population. Making these networks of devices sufficiently robust and resilient will be a challenge for current and future Computer Science majors.

4. Strengthening your primary career choice

Want to follow your dream of working in the arts or health care or education? You can still major (or minor or have a concentration) in Computer Science, particularly if you bolster your degree with supplemental learning opportunities like internships, extracurriculars, and graduate school. In any case, Computer Science will give you a broad foundation of skills that can be applied to a variety of careers and will serve as a competitive advantage in a crowded job market.

5. Improved hiring prospects

Computer Science students do well in terms of getting full-time employment after graduation. According to code.org, there were nearly 500,000 computing job openings nationwide last year, and fewer than 64,000 Computer Science students graduated into the workforce. They also had the second-highest projected starting salaries of all majors (next to Engineering) with an average of $67,539 in 2019, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

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6:44 am

Credit: collegeraptor.com

1. I have a very painful truth to dish out to graduates out there: Your degree or certificate is not the cure to poverty; the cure to poverty is your ability to see and seize opportunities. In this Article, the word P.O.O.R means: Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.

2. Dear Graduates, if somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes then learn how to do it later!, never should you say you don’t know. School rewards people for their memory. Life rewards people for their creativity and ability to solve problems. School rewards caution; life rewards daring. School hails those who live by the rules. Life exalts those who break the rules and set new ones. 

3. Being on top of your class does not necessarily guarantee that you will be at the top of life. The world is filled with poor graduates but rich opportunists! Kevin Ngo once said, “If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want”. 

4. Your certificates and degrees are meant to help you garner the experience and expertise needed to fulfill your dreams; they are not your destination! I have watched pitiably many graduates with degrees and certificates languishing in poverty looking for jobs that don’t even exist while people with keen eyes for opportunities reach the pinnacle of success in the most unlikeliest of ways.
5. Do you have a graduate or degree holder around you that is poor? I bet you have as they are everywhere! I have a very painful truth to dish out to graduates out there: Your degree or certificate is not the cure to poverty; the cure to poverty is your ability to see and seize opportunities.

BASICALLY, there are seven (7) reasons why degree holders are poor.


Albert Einstein said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Have you ever heard  creativity term “Think outside the box”? One of the major reasons why most graduates are poor is simply because they can’t see and think beyond their certificates. 
I have seen engineering students work as bankers. I have seen medical doctors with great skills in web and graphic designs. I have seen lawyers that are very dexterous with finances. The list is endless!

The basic truth of life is that the skills that are needed to be much sought after and become more successful in life are not really found within the walls of the classrooms. Your certificate is just a proof that you are teachable, it does not suggest what you are totally capable of doing. You are full of possibilities when you think beyond your degrees and certificates.


I have often advised some of my colleagues, never to leave their gifts dormant while pursuing and hunting for jobs with their certificates. There must be a complementary balance in the pursuit of your passion and in the search for jobs.

Everybody is gifted for something, but the winning edge comes from our ability to work on our gifts and bless the world with it. The very best way to develop yourself is in the direction of your natural talents and interest. In order to live a fulfilled and impactful life, we need to work harder on our gift than our job. We need to discover our gift, develop it, and sell it. Don’t bury your TALENT with your certificates.


It has been found that most of the skills taught in schools are becoming obsolete in the present world. The world has changed a lot, and so are people’s need! It is imperative to know that the present form of university education does not prepare students for the future.

Graduates are becoming endangered species in the face of a changing world. Our archaic methods and approaches of learning are preparing graduates for a world that no longer exist, as we are churning out degree holders every year with certificates that have face value but no intrinsic worth. Most learning institutions are filled up with lecturers and pseudo-educators with lecture notes, methods and approaches that have lost relevance in a changing world.


Certificates and degrees don’t reveal people to themselves; they at most measure our IQ (Intelligent Quotient). I have often tell people that there is no Recovery without Discovery. A poor man is simply someone that has not discovered himself.

The more you discover yourself, the more you realize the treasures that are hidden deep within you. We carry inside ourselves latent treasures that can only be unveiled through self-discovery.


Degrees and certificates can close up your minds to ideas while initiatives open it up. If you are not careful, your degrees and certificates can close up your mind. The purpose of education is to keep your mind perpetually opened towards limitless possibilities!

Fred Smith saw an opportunity for overnight delivery of anything anywhere in the USA, and ultra- fast delivery anywhere in the world, FedEx was born. It will be interesting to know that Fred Smith got a grade “C” in a Yale economics class for an idea that the professor belittled as unworkable. 
Fred Smith’s company became the first American business to make over ten billion dollars in annual profit. Beginning with just 186 packages delivered the first night, FedEx now delivers in over two hundred countries using over 6,030 aircraft, 46,000 vehicles and 141,000 employees.


Our certificates and degrees prepare graduates to look for jobs and not open our eyes to life-changing opportunities. You are not poor because you don’t have a job; you are poor because you are not seeing and seizing opportunities.

Being POOR is simply Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly! What keeps people ahead in life is not their education or degrees, it is simply the opportunity that they seized. Jobs may be scarce but not opportunities.

As long as there is a problem to be solved, there will always be opportunities. It is a waste of our education, exposure, and experiences if after we graduate from school, all we think about is searching for a job. An enlightened and educated mind should be able to see and seize opportunities.


We must be willing to make mistakes and take breakthrough risks. Taking risks and learning from mistakes help us in knowing what works and what does not! When Thomas Edison was being questioned by a mischievous journalist on how he felt for having failed for 999 times before getting the idea of the light bulb, his response stunned the whole world when he confidently said, “I have not failed 999 times, I have only learned 999 ways of how not to make a light bulb”.

Many graduates and degree holders are becoming progressively poor because the skills required in the modern world to get rich are not taught in schools and institutions. By 2025, we’ll lose over five million jobs to automation. This means that future jobs will look vastly different by the time many people graduate from the university.

Future jobs will involve KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION/CREATION and innovation, and people that are only equipped with skills found in the classroom will definitely be a misfit in an ever-changing world. Skills like critical thinking, creativity, people’s skill, STEM skills (e.g Coding), complex problem-solving skills etc. are central to living a more comprehensive and productive life.

8 THEREFORE, in conclusion, My humble and candid advice to graduates and students in institutions is to think wide, deep and outside the box. Take volunteer jobs, and don’t be afraid to navigate fields that are different from your field of learning. Your future career will require you to pull information from many different fields to come up with creative solutions to future problems. 
Start by reading as much as you can about anything and everything that interests you. Once you get to college, consider double majoring or minoring in completely different fields. Trust me, it’ll pay off in the long run.

Don’t limit yourself to the classroom. Do something practical. Take a leadership position. Start a business and fail; that’s a better entrepreneurship. Contest an election and lose. It will teach you something political science will not teach you. Attend a seminar. Read books outside the scope of your course. 
Think less of becoming an excellent student, but think more of becoming an excellent person. Don’t make the classroom your world, but make the world your classroom. Step forward and try something extra. Invest in something you believe! Real financial security and freedom is not in your job, but in your passion, gifts, talents, and your ability to see and seize opportunities.

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Free Antivirus is another Virus

1:08 am
Photo Credit: HP Store
Alot of people will be searching how they will be fully secured, hunting and testing different antivirus software. They are searching for the free antivirus software becayse of the following reasons: 
1. Lack of awareness on how the antivirus software work
2. Unable to buy or purchase the right antivirus
3. Team i don't pay for antivirus software
4. Don't know how to pay for the right antivirus
5. Payment integration issue.

Let's briefly explain each

1. Antivirus softwares are software that search and remove any potential file or accept that directly or indirectly attempt to spy, modify, send, or poison your computer files without your acknowledgement. So when you download or use free antivirus software they just push the virus backend and disallow some from taking actions.

When the virus stay long for at your system backend they will push the antivirus aside and execute. 

By then you need to either update or upgrade but the Antivirus will prefer to upgrade to premium plan, why because is only by upgrading you will get full support and monitoring.

When you fail to do either the virus definition will expire and all the step down viruses will raise and destroy your system.

2. When Searching for an antivirus software you need seriously review and understand how the software will solve your system problem.
Below are the list of Antivirus Software that where ranked best.

i. Avast Antivirus
ii. Avira Antivirus
iii. Kaspersky Antivirus
iv. Norton Antivirus
v. AVG Antivirus

Make sure you purchase thier plans for best services. I will post the rate of each and best plan for starter and how you can pay.

3. When you don't want to pay for antivirus then you'll end up welcoming new viruses even if you are updated, because as i told you earlier Free Antivirus don't remove and secure you 100% is just like you are opening a gate to new viruses.

4. We will soon post how you can purchase the Antivirus Bundle globally.

5. For some facing issue integrating payment system especially those in African Country where not all online transaction is authorised by our banks.
We will show you how to integrate the payment system even if you don't have a bank account.

Note: Never pay for antivirus Software to anybody account because all antivirus accept only integrated online payment.

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A Guide: The Cost Effective Ways to Send Money Internationally

12:51 am
A Guide: The Cost Effective Ways to Send Money Internationally

Times have changed with the advent of modern day technology which has revolutionized the way
people send and receive money. Transferring money by cash, bank draft, cheque or money
order may fast become extinct, as faster electronic methods for transferring money between
accounts, states and even countries are fast becoming a thing.
When you need to use a money transfer service, it pays off to do some research. In terms of
cost, there are certainly inexpensive options for transferring money, and the cheapest method
may vary depending upon the circumstances. You’ll find out that fees and exchange rates can
vary, and you may also consider things like speed, safety and customer support.

1. Banks:
Financial Institutions can assist with different types of fund transfers. If you are only transferring
money from one account to another within the same financial institution, this is an activity you
can easily perform at your bank for free. At the bank, tellers are readily available to assist in
setting up suitable transfer services, including wire transfers to another bank, state or country.
Overseas money transfers are possible through your bank as well, though you will often require a
lot more information, including the name and address of the account holder, information about
the financial institution the money is being sent to and the SWIFT or IBAN of the recipient bank.
Rates may vary depending upon your bank.

2. Western Union:
Western Union and other transfer services like MoneyGram provide similar services that allow
you transfer money to a different city, state or country.
Western Union is an international money transfer service, which enables individuals to send and
receive money worldwide. With a network in over 200 countries, Western Union controls 20% of
all remittance transactions.
With this money transfer services you are charged a flat rate for the transfer that is based on the
speed of the transfer, the location you're sending money to and the amount of money you are
sending. If you're doing an overseas or international transfer, you'll also be charged an exchange
rate. The major benefits of these services is that they tend be both highly dependable and
convenient. A maximum send limit of 1,000 USD per customer, per quarter applies. Western
Union offer competitive rates and are also fast and reliable.

3. MoneyGram:
MoneyGram and Western Union enable you to send money to anyone just about anywhere in the
world, there are a few differences between each that are worth considering. For instance,
Western Union has over 500,000 international agent locations, while MoneyGram has closer to
350,000. More locations mean more places to send and receive money around the globe. This is
particularly helpful if using other options to transfer funds, such as a phone or computer, are not

4. WorldRemit:

The benefit of  WorldRemit  is that it is a secure, quick, reliable, seamless and cost-effective
international funds transfer service. With WorldRemit, no minimum amount for transfer. However,
the initial transaction is subject to a maximum of USD 2,000, while the maximum limit per
transaction is USD 7,500, the total of which must not exceed USD 50,000 every 6 months.

5. Africash:
Take advantage of one of the most efficient payment system for the thriving and largely informal
trade activities within the African Regions of the WAMZ, UEMOA, CEMAC and East/Southern
Africash offers a seamless platform for the settlement of imports and exports in respect of their
formal trade transactions. An easy way to transfer and collect money, with Africash sending and
receiving money across Africa is a breeze.

6. E-Transfers:
Many financial institutions allow you transfer money online, in a way similar to how you would if
you were paying a bill online. To perform these services, you will require an account number and
bank routing number. For E-transfers to international accounts you'll require a SWIFT or IBAN
number. The account holder's name as it appears on their account will also be required.
E-Transfers come in very handy for transferring funds on a regular basis, as you can set up the
frequency of the payment if it will be on a regular basis.  It is a less expensive method of making

Whether you’re sending money from the United States to Canada, from Nigeria to China, from
Australia to India, or to or from anywhere else in the world, it’s your hard-earned money and its
worth taking some time to make sure it’s in good hands.

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[Video] Naira Marley - Soapy « AfriTechZone

12:14 pm

[Video] Naira Marley - Soapy « AfriTechZone

The song which is already a mega-smash on the streets and digital space gets a racy video which brings the street-hop anthem to life. The clip features cameo appearances from Zlatan and the others arrested alongside Marley earlier this year, which ultimately resulted in the birth of “Soapy”.
Think the song is already controversial? The visual which shows off prison-life in a movie style pushes “Soapy” to a new tongue-wagging realm. “Soapy” arrives after Marley’s infamous EFFC arrest and hit single “Opotoyi”.
Watch the music video below!

Download the AUDIO HERE

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Hamisu Breaker Ft Umar M Lawan (Amarya) Sabuwar Waka 2019

3:27 am

Hamisu Breaker Ft Umar M Lawan (Amarya) Sabuwar Waka 2019

Kalli Sabuwar wakar Hamisu Breaker tare da Umar M. Lawan Mai suna Amarya.

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Shawara Ga Jama'a Daga Sabon Minister Sheikh Isa Ali Fatami

2:41 am

Shawara Ga Jama'a Daga Sabon Minister Sheikh Isa Ali Fatami

Sabon Minister Sheikh Isa Ali Fantami ya bada Shawara ga mutane, Wannan shahararren Malami ya kware wajen yada ilimin da ya hada da Addini da kuma na zamani musamman ilimin da ya shafi fanni na Naura mai Kwakwalwa.

Idan Ka duba bangaren Addini kwararrene wajen fayyacewa alumma matsaloli da dama da suka shafi ilimi, rayuwa da kuma kusanci da ubangiji.

Ku danna alamar video daga sama don ganin wannan video, Karku manta ku turawa Yan uwa da abokan arziki.
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Ali Artwork (Madagwal) x Nura Alejo Sunyi Sabon Comedy

2:34 am

Ali Artwork (Madagwal) x Nura Alejo Sunyi Sabon Comedy

Fitaccen Jarimin Barkwanci Kuma mai tace Fina finan hausa Ali Artwork wanda kowa yafi sani da Madagwal sunyi hadin gwiwa wajen fitar da sabon video na Barkwanci tare da Nura Alejo Wanda Mutane da dama suka fi sani da alejo.

Ku danna Hoton dake sama don kallon wannan Video, Kuma zaku iya gaya mana ra'ayinku a kasa mungode.
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Martanin Sheikh Abdallah G/Kaya akan Nada Fantami

2:29 am

Martanin Sheikh Abdallah G/Kaya akan Nada Fantami

Sheikh Isa Ali Fantami, Malami ne a fannin Addini Kuma Masani Na'ura Mai Kwakwalwa, wand aya samu jagorantar Kujerar Director Na NITDA a tsohuwar Gwabnatin Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari 2015 - 2019.

Bayan gwagwarmayar Zaben 2019, Inda hukumar Zabe ta kasa ta tabbatar da cewa Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari Shine Wanda ya Lashe Zabe na Kasa. Anyi Tantacewa da Bada Mukami na Minister Inda Shi Wannan Kwararren Malami, Kuma Masanin Naura Mai Kwakwalwa  ya samu nadin Minister na Communication.

Sheikh Abdullah Gadon Kaya Malami ne wanda yayi fice wajen Ilimin Addini Ya fadi albarkacin Bakinsa akai. Ku danna alamar Video a Sama don Kallon Abinda ke ciki.
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Sowore's arrest & #revolutionNow: Reasons and Justification

2:21 am

Sowore's arrest & #revolutionNow: Reasons and Justification

Former DSS Official, Mike Ejiofor, former presidential aspirant, Ahmed Buhari and Dr. Biodun Adeniyi takes an all sides review of the arrest of Omoyele #Sowore, the convener of #RevolutionNow protest which was scheduled to proceed on Monday, 5th 2019 by the #DSS. The arrest has sparked a lot of agitation and a call for #FreeSowore.
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Su Makafine Bass Gani Kowa Sai Dan Musa- Kwankwasiyya

1:59 am

Su Makafine Bass Gani Kowa Sai Dan Musa

A wannan waka mawaka sunyi abinda ake cewa rundina wajen rera waka ga maigidan nasu wato Eng. Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso,

Ku kasance damu don samun sababbin wakoki, masu nishadantarwa.
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Wakar Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso Sabuwa daga Tijjani Gandu

1:54 am

Wakar Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso Sabuwa daga Tijjani Gandu

Sabuwar Wakar Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso da Tijjani Gandu ya Rera Masa Sabuwa, Tun Gabatowar zabe Shaharren Mawakin da yayi fice wajen wako kin Siyasa Tijjani Gandu Yake rera wakokin Kala Kala ga Eng. Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

Kada daga Wakokinsa sun hada da
- Abba Gida Gida
- Dan Musa Mai Allah
- Ba babanka Bane

Da dai sauransu, Ku kasance damu don samun sababbin wakokin siyasa
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Video: Zaman Kotu Na Yau 22/7/2019 Tsakanin Jamiyyar PDP da APC akan Zaben Kano

1:39 pm

Zaman Kotu Na Yau 22/7/2019

Ku danna Don Kallon Video Din
A yau 22/07/2019 zaman kotun da akayi akan karar da Dantakarar Gwabnar Jahar Kano Eng. Abba Kabir Yusif da Gwabnan Jahar Kano Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje akan Zaben da ya gabata na jahar Kano,

Wannan Sharia dai an fara ta tun bayan sanar da sakamakon zaben jahar Kano, Inda Yan Jamiyyar Hamayya ta PDP Suke ganin cewa ba'a musu adalci ba akan zaben.
Related image
Eng Abba Kabir Yusif dai shine wanda yasamu lashe zaben fidda Gwani kafin zabe, Sai dai ya samu farin jinin da ake ittifakin ba wanda ya taba samu, Sai dai kowa yana alakanta shine da jajircewa ta Ubangidansa Eng. Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Wanda shine tsohon Gwabna kafin Gwabna Ganduje.

Ku Gaya Mana ra'ayinku akai.

Source: BrotherTV Entertainment
Video: Zaman Kotu Na Yau 22/7/2019 Tsakanin Jamiyyar PDP da APC akan Zaben Kano Video: Zaman Kotu Na Yau 22/7/2019 Tsakanin Jamiyyar PDP da APC akan Zaben Kano Reviewed by NorthTech on 1:39 pm Rating: 5

Garzali Miki, Maryam Yahaya, Amina Amal Sun Sha Rawa a Wakarsa Mai Suna Zama na Amana

1:03 am

Garzali Miki, Maryam Yahaya, Amina Amal  Sun Sha Rawa a Wakarsa Mai Suna Zama na Amana

A wannan waka kuwa Maryam Yahaya daruma da tayi fice daga film dinta na farko a kanfanin FKD me suna Mansoor tare da Amina Amal Fitattciyar jaruma ta Wasan Hausa harda Nollywood, inda suka gwangwaje don sun kawo wani sabon salo na rawa Wanda a da Yan kallo da masu bibiyarmu basu taba gani ba tare da jagorancin fittaccen dan Rawa Garzali Miki.

Karku manta ku turawa Yan uwa da Abokan don suma su nishadantu da wakokinmu.
Garzali Miki, Maryam Yahaya, Amina Amal Sun Sha Rawa a Wakarsa Mai Suna Zama na Amana Garzali Miki, Maryam Yahaya, Amina Amal  Sun Sha Rawa a Wakarsa Mai Suna Zama na Amana Reviewed by NorthTech on 1:03 am Rating: 5

Zazzafan Video:: So da Amana Wakar Garzali Miko

1:16 pm

So da Amana Wakar Garzali Miko

Garzali Miko bai tsaya nan ba sai da ya sake zagewa ya kawo mutu wannan rawa ta wakar "So da Amana" Ku Danna hoton sama don kallon wannan shahararriyar Wakar. Na tabbata bazakuyi na dama ba.

Karki manta da Yan uwa da Abokan arzikinku, Ku tura musu suma su nishadantu.
Asha Kallo Lafiya.

Zazzafan Video:: So da Amana Wakar Garzali Miko Zazzafan Video:: So da Amana Wakar Garzali Miko Reviewed by NorthTech on 1:16 pm Rating: 5

Sabuwar Wakar Kogin Zuma daga Garzali Miko

12:51 am

Sabuwar Wakar Garzali Miko (Ruwan Zuma)

Garzali Miko fitattacen dan rawane kuma jarumi a masanaantar Kannywood, a wannan karo yazo da salo isar da sakon Soyayya ta fannin rawa.

A wannan Wakar tashi mai suna Kogin Zuma tabbar ya cashe sosai inda duk maaboci kallon wakokin hausa yasan dama a fannin rawa Gwani ne.

Ku dannan hoton Sama don kallon wannan shahararriyar wakar. Nasan zaku nishadantu.

ASha kallo Lafiya
Sabuwar Wakar Kogin Zuma daga Garzali Miko Sabuwar Wakar Kogin Zuma daga  Garzali Miko Reviewed by NorthTech on 12:51 am Rating: 5

Hamisu Breaker da Farouk M. Inuwa Wakar Auren Amina

1:19 pm

Hamisu Breaker da Farouk M. Inuwa Wakar Auren Amina

Ku danna kan Hoton don kallon wakar amarya da Ango da Mawaki Hamisu Breaker ya zage dantse yayi shi da Faruku M. Inuwa.

Ku kasance da mu don samun sababbin wakoki daga mawakan Hausa
Hamisu Breaker da Farouk M. Inuwa Wakar Auren Amina Hamisu Breaker da Farouk M. Inuwa Wakar Auren Amina Reviewed by NorthTech on 1:19 pm Rating: 5
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